Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 An introduction to "Raising Attainment with Wellbeing": For School Leaders

    2. 1.1 A Guide-by-the-side ESSENTIAL VIEWING

    3. A welcome to "Raising Attainment with Wellbeing" from course director Marius Frank

    4. New challenges... new paradigms

    5. Setting the scene

    6. The Policy Context

    7. Raising Attainment with Wellbeing Design Principles

    8. The Needs Analysis Tool- A Guide

    9. Where are we now?

    10. Case Study: Making Wellbeing the Core Strategy for School Improvement

    11. Exploring the link between wellbeing and attainment (Jon Drew and Marius Frank in conversation) 2:20

    12. Why a Wellbeing Programme is needed in schools? 2:40mins

    13. Flipping Schools

    14. Reflections on Leading Change

    15. Resources

    1. 1.2 A "Good Behaviour" Policy

    2. A Guide-by-the-Side for Chapter 1.2

    3. Looking at behaviour through the lens of pupil and staff wellbeing

    4. Reflections on the Timpson Review 2019

    5. When behaviour management and neurodiversity collide - Nicole Ponsford and Marius Frank in conversation 5:00

    6. The Behaviour Iceberg... and moving towards a therapeutic, relationship-based behaviour management strategy

    7. Does Zero Tolerance work for every child? Jon Drew and Marius Frank in conversation 3:10

    8. Towards a Good Behaviour Policy- audit checklists

    9. Three policies that challenge conventions

    10. Essential Reading

    11. Resources

    1. 1.3 Looking after your staff

    2. A Guide-by-the-Side for Chapter 1.3

    3. The world of work is changing

    4. Setting the scene: Workplace wellbeing

    5. Five Principles of Workplace Wellbeing

    6. Five Principles- Reflective activity

    7. The Staff Wellbeing Charter

    8. Finding Out

    9. Staff Wellbeing Policy and Practice

    10. Reviewing your Wellbeing Policy

    11. Tools and Approaches


    1. 1.4 Coaching for Wellbeing

    2. 1.4 Coaching for Wellbeing: A Guide by the side

    3. What is Coaching?

    4. Coaching supports the shift from shallow learning through to profound learning

    5. What are the chances of transferring new skills into practice?

    6. Coaching in Action

    7. Coaching Quotes

    8. How does coaching relate to mentoring?

    9. What’s the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling and training/teaching?

    10. Coaching for Social and Emotional Change

    11. Coaching for wellbeing... and the principles of "Good Help"

    12. Coaching based on positive psychology

    13. The neuroscience behind Coaching for Wellbeing

    14. Developing Coaching for Wellbeing Strategies: The G.R.O.W. Model

    15. Learning from Structured Conversations

    16. The Power of Positivity and Emotional Contagion

    17. And finally... Coaching and Action Research and Adaptive Expertise

    18. Collaborative Action Research

    19. The Road to Adaptive Expertise

    20. Resources

    1. 1.5 RAW into Scotland

    2. Wellbeing Strategy in Scotland

    3. Mapping Raising Attainment with Wellbeing into the Scotland Wellbeing Strategy

    1. 1.6 RAW for Senior Mental Health Leaders in Schools and Colleges

    2. How to use Chapter 1.6

    3. How RAW supports the work of Mental Health Leaders

    4. Mental Health Skillsets and Audits

    5. From Reacting to Responding to Prevention

    6. Promoting and Preventing Reflective Activity

    7. Mental Health Policy Development

    8. Looking for Signs

    9. How Children's Voice can Shape Mental Health and Wellbeing Provision

    10. National and International SEMH Curriculum Ideas

    11. Reflecting on Positive Psychology- Emotional Contagion revisited, and practicing Gratitude

    12. Targeted Interventions

    13. Resources

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