Course curriculum

    1. 3.1 Exploring Persistent Disruptive Behaviour

    2. 3.1 A Guide by the Side

    3. Communicating with vulnerable and challenging young people

    4. Undiagnosed SEN, poor behaviour, exclusion... and routes into criminalisation

    5. Youth Justice and SEND: The Statistics

    6. Youth Justice and SEND: A New Perspective

    7. Youth Justice and SEND Reflections

    8. Impact of Complex Needs

    9. "Camouflaging" Disability

    10. What do the latest suspension and exclusion stats tell us?

    11. The impact of complex needs... and what can happen if needs are not identified and met

    12. Understanding Complex Needs

    13. A reminder of the Amygdala Hijack

    14. The Amygdala Hijack and the impact on emotion self-regulation

    15. The cost of complex needs not being met early

    16. Final Reflections on PDB, SEND and Youth Justice

    17. The Communication Iceberg- Louise McGinty (SEND Expert) in conversation with Marius Frank 2:20

    18. Resources

    1. 3.2 Why attachment matters

    2. 3.2 A Guide by the Side

    3. The power of attachment

    4. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    5. Understanding and Applying Maslow

    6. What is Attachment?

    7. Attachment Styles

    8. Observing Children

    9. Resources

    1. 3.3 The impact of trauma and neglect

    2. 3.3 A Guide by the Side

    3. What is trauma?

    4. Understanding Trauma

    5. Activity: Exploring Trauma

    6. The impact of trauma on the developing mind

    7. Social and emotional neglect- the invisible wound

    8. What kind of parent emotionally abuses their child?

    9. Reflecting on social and emotional neglect

    10. Impact of multiple ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

    11. Further Reading

    12. Resources

    1. 3.4 Poverty, “hidden” disability and other disabling factors

    2. 3.4 Guide by the side

    3. The compelling collision between poverty and academic outcomes

    4. Understanding neurodiversity- spectrums and spikey profiles

    5. What is a "spikey profile"? Louise McGinty (SEND Specialist) in conversation with Marius Frank 2:20

    6. Understanding Speech Language and Communication Needs

    7. Understanding Dyslexia

    8. Understanding ADHD

    9. Other related conditions

    10. Understanding Autism

    11. SEND... and Ofsted- Louise McGinty (SEND Expert) in conversation with Marius Frank 5:00

    12. Next Steps

    13. The STEEP Framework: Identifying and meeting complex needs

    14. Resources

    1. 3.5 Understanding mental health needs

    2. Revisiting the wellbeing and mental health matrix

    3. Looking for Signs

    4. National and International SEMH Curriculum Ideas

    5. Resources

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