Course curriculum

    1. 5.1 Accelerating cognitive development with Structural Learning

    2. Structural Learning- Making Thinking Visible

    3. How often does this happen?

    4. Introduction to Structural Learning

    5. Visual - Auditory - Kineasthetic Learning

    6. What is mental modelling?

    7. Developing Metacognition

    8. Resources

    9. A different kind of differentiaton

    10. Contact the Structural Learning Team

    1. 5.2 Harnessing the power and potential of Assistive Technologies in mainstream classrooms

    2. Why Assistive Technologies can level the playing field - Nic Ponsford in conversation with Marius Frank 3:10

    3. Learning from the Assistive Technology Pilot Programme

    4. What is Assistive Technology?

    5. Empowering People with Disabilities through Assistive Technology with Dr. Nasser Siabi OBE

    6. How can Assistive Technology help SEND students, staff and families?

    7. Resource Bank from the nasen/Microlink Education AT Pilot Programme

    8. What was the EdTechPilot? Nic Ponsford (AT Expert) in conversation with Marius Frank 2:52

    9. Introduction to AT - Short Videos

    10. Cantell School and Streamer- Case Study

    11. Microlink @Learning Portal: CPD Resources at the point of need

    12. Techability Standards

    13. The Power of Captioning to Support Children with Hearing Impairments

    14. Links and Resources

    1. 5.3 Engaging families in strengthening resilience

    2. Welcoming and Engaging with Families - A quick Audit

    3. Flipping Schools

    4. Shared Values - Sharing Values

    5. Quality relationships and effective communication

    6. A Sense Of Shared Identity And Place – Belonging And Engagement

    7. Developing Trust - especially with Hard-to-reach families

    8. Shared Learning To Build Confidence And Capacity

    9. Structured Conversations - Effective Practice from Achievement for All

    10. Engaging with Hard-to-Reach Parents: Ideas and suggestions

    11. Resources

    1. 5.4 Maintaining On-Line Wellbeing

    2. An Introduction to BeCSR- Be Cybersafe and Responsible

    3. Growing up digital

    4. What is digital wellbeing?

    5. Online Behaviours: Netiquette, Online Safety Myths and Solutions

    6. Netiquette and Cyberbullying

    7. Online Safety and its Impact on Wellbeing

    8. ‘Influencers’, ‘Insta’ and FOMO

    9. Photoshop and Fake News

    10. Resources

    1. 5.5 Building emotional self-regulation through Emotion Coaching

    2. The power of Emotion Coaching- Jon Drew and Marius Frank in conversation (both certified Emotion Coaches) 3:50

    3. Emotion Coaching - some background

    4. A reminder of the Amygdala Hijack

    5. The Amygdala Hijack and the impact on emotion self-regulation

    6. The power and possibilities of Emotion Coaching

    7. Emotion Coaching- the Key Steps

    8. Reflecting on Emotion Coaching

    9. Meta Emotion Philosophy - Jon Drew and Marius Frank in Conversation 2:00

    10. Emotion Coaching – Some policy guidance and exemplars

    11. Emotion Coaching- Next Steps and Further Reading

    1. 5.6 Thinking Classrooms

    2. Why should you do the programme?

    3. Structure and Pricing Options

    4. Awards

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